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To update your business name and other info on Google, you must first verify your business. When you verify your business, check that your info is correct and that you’re the only one who can edit it.

To avoid delays, make sure your address meets our guidelines. Learn about address entry guidelines.

Important: As a COVID-19 precaution, we're operating with a limited team. It may take longer than usual to connect with us. We recommend our Help Community and YouTube Channel.

Verify for the first time

  1. Add or claim your Business Profile on Google. Learn how to claim your profile.

  2. When you add or claim your profile, you can verify it through phone, text, email or video.

  • You may need to verify with more than one method.

  • Available methods depend on things like business category, public info, region, support hours and volumes.

  1. Pick a type of verification. Learn how to verify by your selected method.

  2. Often, we need to review verifications. These reviews help maintain the integrity of all profiles. They can take up to seven working days.

  • When you’re verified, you get a notification.

  • If we can’t verify your business with the first method, the 'Get verified' button shows up again. If this happens, try a different verification method.

  1. After you verify:

  • It can take a few weeks for your updated business info to show across Google.

  • You can update and add to your info at any time. Learn how to edit your profile.

  • You can connect with your customers through your profile. Learn about posts, reviews and messaging.

Find your profile

  • On Google Search, search for my business.

  • On Google Search or Maps, search for your business name and city.

  • In your Google Maps app, at the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial Your Business Profile.

Tip: Search results can vary for many reasons. Your results can differ from someone else’s. Learn how Google ranks local results.

Re-verify after info changes

To maintain quality business info, Google may ask a verified business to verify again. If you change some info about your business, you may need to re-verify. We might also ask you to update your business info or give more details about your business.

To re-verify, go to your verified Business Profile and follow the steps.

Standard verification methods

Phone or text


Video recording

Live video call


Instant verification methods

Rarely, we can immediately confirm that a specific Google Account owns a specific Business Profile.

For example:

· Existing Search Console user: If you verify your matching website before you add or claim your profile, no 'Get verified' prompt shows. You can immediately edit your profile and connect with customers.

· New Search Console user: If you verify your matching website after you add or claim your profile, click Get verified. Then, you can instantly edit your profile and connect with customers.

Tip: For more help with verification, ask a question in our community forum or contact our support team.

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