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Exchange of Services

Let's do a Deal !!

We have helped many new and existing businesses over the years to get started or to re-ignite their brand. As we know at the beginning of any new business or re-launch, it can be tough and cash flow is often a common stumbling block and can be a real issue in getting the cogs of any commercial enterprise moving on to the next level of success that it needs.

Therefore, we have sometimes made flexible arrangements with our clients to exchange services. That may be haircuts from a barber, food from a restaurant, or even some work done for us on-site from a builder and a landscape gardener!


I am always happy to listen and try to come up with a flexible deal that helps someone to get started, which is a good and reasonable option for everyone involved.

Please feel free to contact us no matter how strange you might think you offer maybe we will always listen and do our best to find a great solution for you...

Let's talk, let's do a DEAL !!

Paul G-Wood

Marketing Matters Online

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