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Video Editing

We understand the power of video when it comes to promoting a business or product because we are a digital marketing agency. We employ video in a variety of ways to improve the marketing efforts of our clients. For promotions, we produce captivating videos that demonstrate the good or service in use while emphasising its special qualities and advantages. To draw viewers in and nudge them to take action, these videos can be used in email campaigns, on social media, and on landing pages.

Any digital marketing campaign should include social media posts, and using video to stand out in a congested newsfeed is a great idea. We produce quick, interesting films that are tailored to each site, whether it's LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok. These movies can be used to highlight customer success stories, show off behind-the-scenes peeks of a business, or advertise a particular good or service.

Explainer videos are yet another crucial weapon in our toolbox. These videos aim to inform viewers on a specific subject or item. We simplify complex concepts using animation, motion graphics, and other visual aids.

Explainer videos work best when used in email campaigns or on landing pages since they can lower bounce rates and boost conversions.

To help our clients close business, we also deploy sales videos. These movies are intended to address frequent issues and objections that prospective clients may have. They are often longer and more detailed than other sorts of videos. Sales films can be included into broader sales funnels, landing pages, and one-on-one sales dialogues. A sales video with the correct messaging and production quality may be an effective tool for turning leads into clients.

Las Vegas Drone Flyby

This is a video we have been working on for our clients that will be used as a background on their upgraded website. We have included multiple edits with new transitions and after effect.

Thanks for copyright usage from Urban Architecture -

Builders Time Lapse Vide

This is a short video we put together and edited for a local builder. It shows the transformation of a property after being rebuilt and extended including a new decking area.

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