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Service & Maintenance Packages

What is included in Service & Maintenance Agreement Retainer Contract?

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Services provided include system updates, limited changes and amends to website data, device maintenance, security measures, automatic site monitoring, backups, repairs, and support. Additionally, the service includes site security, SSL where applicable, 24/7 monitoring via Google Console, testing, link and application management, loading response and timings, responsiveness and mobile optimisation. Reports are provided where applicable via Google Analytics, Google Console, and Web-Stats.


Bulleted list of the services provided subject to availability & package selected


  • Hosting connection & maintenance

  • System updates

  • Software updates

  • Website data management (subject to T's & C's)

  • Device maintenance/update

  • Security measures

  • Automatic site monitoring

  • Automatic backups

  • Repairs

  • Support

  • Site security

  • SSL (where applicable)

  • 24/7 monitoring via Google Console

  • Testing

  • Link and application management

  • Loading response and timings

  • Responsiveness and mobile optimisation

  • Reports  via Google Analytics, Google Console, and Web-Stats.(subject to T's & C's)

A monthly contract for website service and maintenance can vary depending on the specific agreement between the client and service provider, but typically includes the following:


Website updates: Regular updates to website software, including security patches, bug fixes, and feature updates.


Content updates: Regular updates to website content, including blog posts, product information, images, and videos.


Website backups: Regular backups of website files and data to ensure that data is protected in case of a data loss event.


Website security: Regular security checks and updates to ensure that the website is protected from security threats, such as malware and hacking attempts.


Performance optimisation: Regular monitoring and optimisation of website performance, including page load speed and website responsiveness.


Technical support: Technical support for website issues and questions, including email and phone support.


Analytics tracking: Regular tracking and reporting of website analytics, including traffic, user behaviour, and conversion rates.


Search engine optimisation (SEO): Regular optimisation of website content and technical elements to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.


Domain and hosting management: Management of website domain and hosting services, including renewals, updates, and troubleshooting.


Consultation and planning: Regular consultation and planning with the client to identify opportunities for improvement and growth of the website.


Service & Maintenance Packages

We strongly recommend contacting us before purchasing these packages to discuss your particular requirements and needs so as best to advise you which will be most beneficial and cost effective for you and your business. To achieve the highest level of functionality for your website, it is essential to select one of these packages or a bespoke package that we can arrange and tailor exclusively for you.

From £35 Monthly
From £50 Monthly
From £100 Monthly
From £500 Monthly
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