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We highly suggest that you get in touch with us prior to buying any of our packages, to discuss your unique requirements and needs. This will help us advise you on which package will provide the greatest benefit and cost-effectiveness for your business. This is particularly important for SEO services as they need to be customised and tailored to your specific industry or marketplace.

It's essential to keep in mind that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires ongoing updates and adjustments to be effective. It's not a one-time cost, but rather a recurring investment that ensures your website is optimised to be found by Google and potential customers and clients.

If you do not have a Paypal account or wish to pay another way just enter your email address then press next and you will then be taken to another page where you find several other payment options...
Any problems please contact us direct


£70 Deposit


£35 Monthly

1 annual payment of £420

For simple websites that only require system upgrades and backups this is the minimum recommended requirement for any website to keep online and optimal functionality.

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£100 deposit


£50 Monthly

1 annual payment of £600

This is our standard for small business websites requiring updates, backups and limited but regular content updates that may include new images, info updates, announcements and promotions.

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£200 Deposit


£100 Monthly

1 annual payment of £1,200

Most often used for websites requiring frequent content updates or sometimes may include smaller eCommerce stores with limited stock and update requirements. Also includes the options of additional storage and security and may also include additional website analytic information and reporting subject to terms and conditions.

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£ 1,000 Deposit


£ 500 Monthly 

1 annual payment of  £6,000

Advanced package for dedicated eCommerce stores or large sites. Will include enhanced SEO services on page as well as strategic Digital Marketing proposals and applications across multiple channels.

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Problems happen, its impossible to stop hackers, hardware failures or simple human error, to protect against this its essential to have regular backups of your website. All our maintenance packages include monthly, weekly or daily backups stored on the Amazon AWS network.

If something should go wrong we can restore your site at no cost to you.

**CMS & plugin updates

Our maintenance packages are designed exclusively for websites that require Content Management Systems and are subjest to suitability and exclusively only available on WIX websites.

These systems require frequent updates to ensure they receive the latest security and feature updates. All of our packages include this by default, its essential in helping to secure a website.

SSL certificate

Its increasingly important to ensure your website is secure, Google even rank sites who have SSL (https://) enabled on their site higher. Our Pro and Plus maintenance packages include an SSL certificate to ensure your site content is encrypted when viewed by any visitor and can be added as an extra to our Basic and Standard packages.

Our monitoring system keeps track of the SSL certificate to ensure it remains active and any mixed content issues are resolved.

Website support

Our monthly website support provides time each month for us to help make updates to your website. Whether it be adding blog posts, changing existing web pages, image editing or fixing problems you let us know any issues you're having and we'll fix them.

If you need more time than that included in your plan we'll quote for it at our discounted hourly rate, £30, and complete changes once approved.

24/7 site monitoring

No one knows when something might go wrong, or a temporary issue can cause outages, that's why our Standard, Pro & Plus maintenance customers have their sites covered by 24/7 monitoring.

Our monitoring system alerts us to issues within one minute of them happening meaning we can react and help to fix problems as soon as possible, without you needing to contact us.


Email support

We love the web, no surprise there, so email support is the best way to make sure we get back to you. We have a dedicated mail address for our customers to raise issues and request help, we aim to get back to any request within 24 to 48 hours Monday to Friday.

Phone support

We welcome calls to our office number and are happy to discuss any issues or requirements you may have.

If we're on other calls or away in meetings our voicemail is regularly checked and we always respond to messages as quickly as we can.

Client portal

Utilising our ticketing system our customers can have access to their own portal.

Perfect for raising issues and seeing work streams of ongoing jobs. You and your colleagues can login at any time to see what we're working on.

Site audit report

On the Pro and Plus packages, each month we run an audit of your site which includes many technical factors such as broken links, missing meta titles and many other factors which can help with search engine ranking.

Subject to time remaining on your monthly support hours we'll work to help fix as many of these as we can. Please note, some issues may be too technical without a deeper rebuild of the site and are subject to how many issues arise, fixes may take several months but can be looked at as an additional fixed priced project if required.

Site performance report

We use the popular GT Metrix site performance tool to check for performance issues such as page loading time.

Subject to the time remaining each month on your support hours we'll work to fix issues that may arise. Please note, each website is vastly different, certain functionality may mean we cannot improve performance without significant changes but the report is an excellent guide to how well your site performs for visitors and search engines.

Content delivery network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of servers hosting your most frequently requested content across servers globally. If a visitor from the US visits your site, this content will be delivered from a server in the US, rather than the UK, meaning they receive the content faster.

A CDN can help improve performance, particularly for larger websites and is included with our Plus website maintenance package.

*Website hosting costs can be higher for very large websites/e-commerce stores, if your website falls into this category you will be contacted.
**Plugins and extensions requiring a license for updates will be charged additionally to the monthly fee.

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