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There can be only one…

Search Engine Market Share: Who’s Leading the Race In 2023

The world of search engines has been dominated by Google since its inception in 1998. However, Google is not the only search engine available, and other search engines exist, each with varying market shares depending on location and device. E-commerce store owners and website owners may find it useful to know the search engine market share to rank in specific countries or devices.

As of June 2022, Google's global search engine market share was 91.88%, according to StatCounter. Bing followed with 3.19%, while Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo had 1.33%, 1.52%, 0.76%, and 0.64%, respectively. Other search engines made up the remaining 0.68%. Meanwhile, according to SimilarWeb, Google topped the global search engine market share at 90.63%, followed by Yahoo at 3.25%, Bing at 2.88%, and Yandex at 0.45%.

Search engine market share varies depending on the device, with mobile devices having a different market share from desktops. As of June 2022, Google's market share on mobile devices was 95.31% on StatCounter and 93.38% on SimilarWeb. On desktops, Google's market share was 84.73% on StatCounter and 85.56% on SimilarWeb.

Google has been expanding its business beyond search engines, including software products, search advertising, infrastructure, and self-driving cars. Google processes over 100,000 search queries per second, and its annual revenue hit $257 billion in 2021, breaking the $200 billion mark for the first time.

In conclusion, while Google dominates the search engine market, it is not the only search engine available, and website owners may find it useful to know the market share in specific locations and devices.

Search Engine Market Share in 2023

Google is the undisputed market leader in online search, taking the majority of the search engine market share. OK no harm to take a little notice of the others but...

The reality is Google is the Highlander and there is only one!!

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